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These girls love to seduce you wearing mostly nothing to turn you on. Some of these girls are in the hottest rap videos.You can find most of our females in strip clubs in Houston, Miami, Dallas, New York and Washington We travel the country in search of showstoppers. What makes this site original is the pictures are taken everywhere; outside, in the studio, at the park, you name it we will have pictures. Most of the pictures will have a videos to follow.Just imagine a sexy, big booty female dancing just to turn you on, seducing you in a G-string or sexy lingerie. These girls will set your
hormones on fire!



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This site has high quality pictures and video clips to ensure clarity and high quality for your viewing pleasure.

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Wow! So sexy and fun to film...this sexy dancers just luvs to shake it all night long. Join to see more of her in the member's area. She is thicka than a snicka! All of her videos are filmed in HD high Quality. We also have plenty of pictures for your viewing pleasure. Join now!



You have to see the video to truely admire all of her curves. We have a surprise video in the member's area...where you control the booty. This was fun to shoot...she was wearing a very tight sexy dress that just would not stop rising. Join to see more.



Bubbles was trying to get into the army but her butt was just too big to be enlisted. So we just decided to do a shoot. She has a very nice body with a very pretty smile...but who cares about the smile. Join now to see more.



In the studio, Destiny was acting crazy and decided to put on this sexy dress and started dancing. She luvs to show off her assets infront of the camera. You can see more of her @


Oh my goodness...need we say more. Just look at her booty! This video was drive you up a wall. The photo shoot was just as exciting to do as well. Join to see her make da booty talk to you all night. lol.



Honey is one sexy, thick, big booty, tall, glass of water; as they say in the south. She has the nicest bubble booty we've seen on a tall girl. But wait til you see her dance on will luv it. Join now to see her get busy.



Unique, featured in Slim Thugs video "Still Tippin" used some of her big booty dancin skills in our video shoot. Oh my! You will luv this update. She has a very nice round bubble on her...this was a pure deight to film. Join to see more of her.



One of our members requested to see Roundabout in red...Now we know why. Something about a thick yellow girl in red...Assmazing! Join to she her drop it look its hott!



Roundabout is one sexy girl. We have her here bouncing that huge booty in the hallway. We never seen a girl dance like that...the way she moves is amazing. Join to see more. More sexy updates are on the way.



Need we say more...look at the bubble on this big booty girl. Delishis is so sexy and fine. We enjoyed filming her and she was fun to work with. But you really need to watch the updates that were added...her booty is out of this world. Join now to see more.



New we say more...You will luv this update. Pictures and videos are all in the member's area. Join now to see her get loose. More updates are on he way. Thanks for the emails and your support.



Look how that booty just hangs over the sofa...thta's just crazy. It should be a against the law to have a booty that big. Join to see her have a really good time on video. Rembmer to stay a member to receive weekly update.



We were spying on Ms Roundabout in the shower....she was being very naughty. Well, join to see the sexy video and many many more in the member's area. Videos and pictures of some of the most sexiest and thickest females on the web. Join now!


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Big Booty Dancers!Big Booty Dancers!

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